Joseph M. Hill No Spill Spout Inventor

The Man Behind No Spill Spout

Has anything ever frustrated to the point that you're either gonna blow a gasket, or find a solution? Well I'm that guy. Always thinking of some better way to do something, anything. The No Spill Spout was born out for pure frustration ruining my clothes on way to many occasions, way too many dollars worth. Well that lead me to a stark conclusion, there wasn't a "cool" spout or funnel that was available on the market that helped solve a problem of reducing, or eliminating spills while pouring liquid from those annoying 1 Gallon plastic refill jugs. So I did something about it... 1000's Love how well it works for them.
No-Spill Spout Pouring Spout and Funnel Inventor


As one that sees problems, Hill recognized that spilling liquid from 1-Gallon jugs into smaller refill containers was an issue on a global scale and determined that a low cost combination of a Spout and Funnel would solve the problem and the No Spill Spout was born.

Hill founded the mobile advertising group,, within Pannonia Group, Inc. is a nationwide advertising medium that delivers millions of mobile impressions as a cost effective alternative to traditional static billboard advertising.

Hill joined Pannonia Group, Inc. in the spring of 1990 as V.P. of Sales, Marketing and Operations. Under his leadership during the past 24 years, he successfully transformed PROLAB Digital Imaging from a boutique photo lab into one of the most technically advanced digital imaging facility in the country.  Over the past 24 years, Hill consistently grew the customer base and profits of Pannonia Group. He is responsible for all sales and key relationship development that included Disney Stores, Ross Dress for Less, and 20th Century.


Prior, Hill incubated USA Biometrix, a national security and global welfare solution. USA Biometrix is currently is stage two of Hill’s incubation process. In addition, Hill is the CEO for a real estate group that focuses on buying resort land, multi-tenant, and single family homes in the western United States. Currently, 47 transactions have been completed.


Hill’s training started young. In the 70’s, Hill began importing and selling rare commodities. At 11, he was one of the first pioneers to start writing binary code and basic software code on the Apple II to create games. He pursued a degree in sales and marketing at Cal Poly Pomona. While at Cal Poly, Hill officially started his first company, Escomat, selling computer hardware, cad plotters and installation services to members of Business Network Marketing International, a lead referral group.


Contact Information:

Joseph M. Hill
Cell 208-630-3415