Top 10 Spill Free Coolant Funnels

The Top 10 Spill Free Coolant Funnels

Pouring radiator fluid into your car or truck can prove challenging, a real pain in the tuckus if you know what I mean. We have a great product to help pour radiator coolant into the reservoir of your car and decided that I might be advantageous to pull together the top 10 spill free antifreeze funnels so that you have a place to look at all of the options available to you prior to making your purchasing decision.  

I know! Choices Choices, which to choose? Who has the best radiator funnel kit on the market?

Well, I scoured the web and grabbed all that made sense to me, so I will give you my opinion of the top 10 spill free coolant funnels from least to best and easiest to use with my comments and any pertinent details that you might find useful.

So here is my list Top 10 Spill Free Radiator Funnels (worst to best)

10. Lisle Spill-Free Coolant Funnels 24680

The design of this system virtually eliminates any possibility of spilling radiator coolant unless you are a complete dolt. The Lisle system is designed to fill the radiator unit and threads into the radiator cap spot so that you attach a bucket that is filled with the radiator fluid and release the valve with the handle and allow the coolant to flow down into the radiator. People that work on cars and trucks all the time love it, they can set it up and walk away, come back when they are done with another task and them push the lever down to close the connection. There are a few cons to this set up in my opinion, this is not a quick process, first you have to attach the connections, then fill bucket, pull the trigger and let the coolant flow. When you are done, you have to dismantle it all and then remove all of the parts and bucket that will then also be emptied back into the original 1 gallon jug of radiator coolant. It's a lot of work, but you really do have a great option for $24.99 since it has lots of parts and attachments to create lots of different configurations to reach the hard to get to spots.

 Lisle Spill-free radiator coolant funnel


9. The FunLPro is the POP PULL POUR product that does a great job helping pour radiator coolant into your car. You can check out their website using the link below.

My wife was really pushing me to come up with a version similar to the patented technology these guys have. Which is utilizing the accordion style spout that allows the spout to be pulled varying lengths to reach the areas you want to pour your fluid into. Works well, for the most part, the only real issue is the folds in the plastic hold liquid, and when I used something similar when I was done, it's like it almost springs up and then splashes all over the place because of the excess coolant that is still held in the tube. Great idea, but it is challenging at the end.

FunlPro Spout


8. Funnel King Flexible Spout Funnel

 They were thinking when they invented this spout funnel, it is 4 inches long, flexible and fits on several different sized containers. Now what I like about this product is the ability to fold the spout so that it closes off the passage so that liquid can't flow out. Once you release the spout, slowly, of course, the radiator coolant can flow out and into the reservoir, or wherever your pouring liquid. 2 main problems I see in the execution of pouring is the problem when the spout wants to spring back straight and fling whatever liquid is there out. As long you release it super slow, the liquid can then trickle out, which of course means its slow and there since this a small diameter tube,  there is competition between the air wanting to go in, and the liquid pouring out... creates a glug glug situation.

flexible spout funnel


 7. Pouring Bottle Funnel from Hawaiian Snow

This is your traditional funnel you know and love, or not... We all know and have experience using one of these, but perhaps not if you are the common variety snowflake and can be found huddled in a safe place, not working on filling your car with radiator coolant. It's a funnel, they work but a few things I never liked about using a funnel, the main being that you really have to use one hand to hold the funnel, then use the other hand to pour the coolant. Once you start pouring, you have to maintain the exact right pour speed so that you don't overfill and overflow the radiator reservoir in the process, then you are done. Taking away the funnel might leave a couple of drips, if your lucky from the bottom of the funnel, my tip is to have a paper towel or rag handy you can put underneath it as you pull away. Old Faithful for $3.00 a piece.

hawaiian snow pouring bottle funnel 



6. FloTool Multi Purpose Spout Antifreeze Fluid Spout - Adjustable

I love this concept of pouring liquid from those 1 gallon jugs. It's a great tool that allows you to control the volume of liquid pouring out of the container. If this easily reaches the coolant reservoir, the short nozzle makes it a breeze to slowly pour the radiator fluid into the car. You adjust the speed of the flow, and turn it off when its full. Simple and straightforward, with the only limitation of having a short neck and limited access to certain areas. 

Price is $7.60 each with free shipping. Not Bad!

FloTool Multi Purpose Spout; Antifreeze/Windshield Washer Fluid Spout, Adjustable 


5. Wacky Practicals Collapsible Funnels

Having the convenience of a collapsible funnel is right on! Got to Love IT! I like the functionality of this funnel, it is simple and does what it has to do. The fact is that it can be easily put away in a small, tight spot is a huge plus. Plus, the material seems to be that is super slick, so that any type of liquid just beads right up and doesn't stick to it. As long as you are good with having to coordinate 2 hands, one holding the funnel and the other pouring the radiator coolant from the 1 gallon jug, you are set. There are some people that require the strength of both hands to hold and pour the liquid. Apart from the dribble at the bottom of the container when you are done, it is a great product. Made in United Kingdom, selling for $3.81 each and comes in a different colors.


Wacky Practicals Collapsible Funnel 


4. Hopkins Flexi-Spout No-Spill Fluid Spout - 10119B

This is what I call super cheap, low cost, but effective spill free coolant spout. It is long, measuring in at just over 15" in length, with an accordion style tube that makes it flexible and easily directed and reach those hard to get to spots. The main drawback here is the glug glug factor, where the air and fluid have to compete for the same hole. Air has to flow in as radiator coolant has to flow out. Its a fight worth having when you consider the importance of preserving the fine operation of your car or truck. At $1.99 each its the least expensive product on the list.

Hopkins Flexi-Spout No-Spill Fluid Spout



3. PRESSOL Funnel with Flexible Spout

Introducing the more advanced funnel with a handle and adjustable accordion spout that can be placed in those harder to get to areas. I like the handle, which make it super easy to hold, especially if your hands are bit slick, and I also like that you can move and adjust the length and position of the funnel. Main issue is having to have 2 hands doing 2 different things, so a bit of coordination and strength will be required to manage the heavier 1 gallon radiator coolant jugs. This particular product is made in the European Union for $6.76 each. 


Pressol funnel with flexible spout



 Wish I started with this idea initially, I came up with the same concept after I had already spent $$$$ and 2 years developing the No-Spill Spout. The Clip-On Spout Funnel is great for a lot of application, especially if you can easily get right over the opening you are pouring into and tilt the gallon jug easily above it. At $4.99 each, this is a deal of century, I imagine it does a decent job, though you are limited to the places and location where you can reach, as well as being able to pour the radiator fluid out of the jug just at the right speed so that you don't spill by overflowing the clip-on funnel. The angle also has to be really critical, and poured very slowly so you don't make a boo boo... Waaa.

clip on spout funnel


1. Sealey F12 Clip-On Funnel with Spout

Ok, I like this concept a lot, if I had more money, I would have retooled and done something similar, but all of this development costs a lot of money. The Sealey F12 Clip-On funnel is great because it easily attaches to the 1-gallon jugs, and has a a flexible accordion style spout that can be positioned into the harder to reach areas. Yep, it's a good design, that allows you to use both of your hands to hold the heavy 1 gallon radiator coolant fluid so that you have greater control. The only issue is the angle again, you need to make sure you start pouring slowly so you don't overflow and spill out the top, OPPS. Concept is great, looks like it solves lots of problems well for $3.79 each (though it looks like you have to buy 12 of them) and they are manufactured in Jolly Old England. UK.

Sealey F12 Clip On Funnel with Spout


The Best Radiator Coolant Funnel is The No-Spill Spout -

"Glug-Free & Spill-Free" and Easy to Use!

No-Spill Spout Pouring Radiator Fluid Easily into the car

The patented design and length make our No-Spill Spout the best product on the planet to pour radiator coolant into your car. It has the 5-inch reach so that you can point and pour the liquid where you need it, as well as a gentle curve to it so that you can tilt and tip the whole thing without spilling unless you're a complete dolt. The clever combination of a spout and funnel allows the air to flow into the jug and then the liquid is restricted and forced to flow down the bottom portion of the tub so that you end up with a steady easy stream of liquid you can gently pour wherever you need to. The white plastic spout is semi-transparent so that you can see the liquid inside and make decisions based on what is visible to you. Find out more about why our no spill coolant spout is the best on the market in this post.

Certainly not the least expensive, but certainly the most effective. This is proudly made in America by Americans... At least I think so.





I had to add this one last crafty option to pour the fluid into your car using the common everyday garden watering bucket. Cute.

Common Household watering bucket


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